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256 - 512 bit encryption using 28 digit cipher key

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Re: 256 - 512 bit encryption using 28 digit cipher key

Postby » Fri Apr 03, 2020 8:56 pm

pshannon wrote: wrote:It's fairly secure; there would be more than 900,000 attempts using brute force to get any data at all.

That's still more secure than most ssl techniques which now have workarounds.

anyways, for people wanting to get serious about getting this done, here's the new php code, I haven't yet built the php preg_replace arrays yet, but with this example you should be able to make the php mirror of the flowstone code.

And later I'll post this code on quora, answer, stack overflow and see if anybody can crack it. But it's like I said, people just guess and pretend they know; it's ridiculous. I say I'm a bit of an expert someone who's not a programmer says otherwise, who's to say really, everything is what it is.

If you were really serious about this? Add money to it, that is when you will get real people involved. I will not waste my time on it, because I have to many other things I am working on. Businesses will put $50,000+ on the line, but the catch is the person who cracked it must show their methods etc. Your quote "people just guess and pretend they know; it's ridiculous". I do not pretend to be knowledgeable in this field. This is a audio/synth forum and I didn't want to be challenged on my knowledge in this area because it will appear I am bragging about my legacy or something. However, I am left with no choice and I was truly giving you professional level advice. Here is my list of certifications in the field of cyber security with 15 years of full time experience consulting to fortune 5-500 companies. These are international certs from the leaders in the industry. You are a smart person and I have been impressed with your projects you share for audio. Inventing something in the area of security is big business and making claims is not in yours or anyone else's best interest including mine to think uncrackable. You mentioned ssl had failures and yes it did and it was switched to tls 1.2/1.3. When an encryption algorithm fails the industry reports it and they try to remediate it. Have you ever heard of des years ago? It worked for a while and then they created 3des which means it pretty much was encrypted it 3 times to prolong the use until something else was created to replace it. Good luck with it and I hope you find your answer, I am not going to get caught up in this debate any longer. Everything below is easily verifiable and I am not embellishing my knowledge in the area.

Senior cyber security Architect & Risk consultant
I also studied computer science many years ago and I feel it doesn't count compared to my more recent certifications.

Here is an example you presented, but use the AES instead. One tip, use as many of the ascii character set as you can and not use a very limited set.
"Hello I am a very very very very long search string"
aes 128 output="nrruWtmcjyhpVo/IjsGIXIRC1Msi7KiIwLJpPAEAO/9U4zNJI3eta38Ni+2tsWXQNhYUySJq0fRL8Qx6TIMCNg=="
aes 256 output="PrVKYwJGwuotriqxvOWFzPXCYw3MFC9MkNREj4mJluBd99owseut1UkjLAqdFf+v62wa9QCCPul6mm3ZzbGcyw=="

Your output="039203820395019203920382018501820392018501850192018501820195

I spent 5 minutes on "unstoppable algorithm - part 6 php ready.fsm" and this is something you should never have in a symmetric cipher, a predicable outcome.

1. Create key
2. Type the word "hello" once, capture the output to another tab in notepad++ or anything else you may have.
3. Type the same word again several times, and capture the text into another tab. Does the scrambled text appear to show the same patterns of text? Meaning can you do a search from the first tab and find this several times in your scrambled second tab? If you can, it completely failed.
4. I typed 5x "hello" and found the same scrambled text several times. Again I spent more time typing this out than I did to find the pattern.
5. Try this same thing in aes and you will not even closely get a similar out come.

I noticed you made some interesting points. I had been busy and will look into them.
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Re: 256 - 512 bit encryption using 28 digit cipher key

Postby » Wed May 13, 2020 3:40 pm

So, I looked into this. It has a few good points vs. resource hacking.

But one of the biggest obstacles, as a friend pointed out was not so much the encryption or the measures, they help a lot; but what is most relevant is relying on simple booleans to decide the state of the check.

So, I'll come up with workarounds and post a new update when I can.

Thanks all for comments.
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Posts: 803
Joined: Tue Apr 03, 2018 5:50 pm
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