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mono to stereo

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mono to stereo

Postby » Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:25 pm

So, this example was posted by Spogg under the name "Quilcom mono to stereo H Lauridsen plus" and I replaced any instances of stereo or mono4 delays with one tap mono interpolated delays by Martin Vicanek so as to be more efficient.

Furthermore, I switched the de-zippers over to a less sophisticated method that has a nice effect on speed as a whole and ensures noise free operation for the most part.

The big news is that this schematic allows you to make mono into stereo and it also allows you to control the phase cancellation. The H Lauridsen technique is a great one, but it will lean to one side or the other. Not like a professional studio. So, I made this to ensure that you can now mix with the effect like a professional studio in every degree.

A big thanks to Spogg ( Martin Vicanek (, Troggludite, Acrobat. Digitonix and Exonerate for contributions used.

My latest product, the king OZ records EQ uses this feature. I invite you to use it as well, but please attribute VSTplug or Robert Langford / LE Attol
vstplug mono to stereo h lauridsen plus v5.fsm
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