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"Live Sequencer" ?

PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2020 12:42 pm
by az-terisk

I'm looking to make a sequencer that allows note placement and real-time length editing, like FL Studio's "Piano Roll", so to speak.

After a while, I came across a Schematic demonstrating such a feature, but unfortunately it is impossible for me to get my hands on it again and coding it by hand.

Is there anyone among you who can find this Schematic for me or give me some hints to get started? I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks to all of you! :)

Re: "Live Sequencer" ?

PostPosted: Tue Aug 18, 2020 9:22 am
by DSP-Robotron
The Example Synth and the Dual Arp Synth have an arpeggiator were the notes are placed live just like in a piano roll. You should use that example. Or you can use toggle switches that look like notes in the step sequencer. Better yet , use sliders so that the notes can glide freely. I have some basic examples here in this zip file made with SynthEdit v1.4 x64bit demo.