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Synthatron Effects Synthesizer

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Re: Synthatron Effects Synthesizer

Postby pwesynthmaker » Thu Sep 24, 2020 5:16 am

I enjoy inventing ...
The purpose of this project is to implement FlowStone as an experimental alternative to hardware audio to MIDI conversion.
The reconversion from MIDI to audio is to allow addition of audio sound effects modules to the signal whether it is direct audio input or MIDI converted. It also provides a direct audio output to a soundcard from the standalone executable without any additional hardware required.

ASIO functionality and compatibility is subject to variables ...
The inclusion of the MIDI/Audio Menu is primarily intended for use with the standalone executable.
When using the VST version within a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) ... MIDI and audio settings are usually handled by the DAW itself.
I use Yamaha AG03 Mixer with Steinberg ASIO since it has latency of approx. 5-10ms.

In reference to Guitar MIDI Synthesizing Hardware ...
For direct guitar to MIDI I have a Sonuus i2M musicport and recently purchased a Fishman TriplePlay Connect.
I have Ketron SD2 (with vArranger2) and Miditech Pianobox USB and MIDIPLUS miniEngine Pro Sound Modules.
Also USB to MIDI Interface, USB MIDI Host, MIDI Quadra Thru, MIDI Tbox 3 and etcetera ... about $1G USD.
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