STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

FlowStone is the ideal tool for STEM in education. It covers each of the key areas from beginner right up to advanced and industry level. It can be used in schools, colleges and universities or in the workplace for training purposes.

To support education we have made a special version of FlowStone specifically for STEM. It's much more affordable but still retains almost every feature of FlowStone.

FlowStone STEM


Use FlowStone to create applications for science experiments, test and measurement, data logging, graphs, saving files to disk etc.


FlowStone can be the heart of your design for things like home automation, recording and processing video or making mp3 players.


Use FlowStone to create engineering systems including Control Systems, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) and HMI (Human-machine interface).

FlowStone Toolbox
FlowStone Toolbox


Use FlowStone to teach mathematics, from binary number systems and boolean algebra, to trigonometric functions and graphs.

Seeing maths work in real-time on the screen is far more engaging and much better fun than old fashioned pen and paper!