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Sliders and Knobs without Colour

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Sliders and Knobs without Colour

Postby » Thu Nov 01, 2018 3:48 pm

LA - Bugfix Knob.png
LA - Bugfix Knob.png (46.37 KiB) Viewed 4602 times

LA - Streamed Bugfix Knob V1.fsm
LA - Knob Bugfix
(76.55 KiB) Downloaded 437 times

I've been making versions of sliders and knobs that link to another module which provides the "GUI" effect.
It's a great way to create colour-less knobs and sliders that don't have the feel of vectors.
I don't want any attribution for it, just code that anyone could make if they had the time.

But on a side not; I've realized after experimenting that sometimes the colour is a good thing. if You're a graphic designer
Making something look metallic is often enough to develop a great sound.
However, on the other hand Maybe the image You want to use has a horrible effect and You want to avoid that.
This method is perfect for just the thing.

On a sidenote I have been very sobered by this realization regarding VST3, 2 and licensing. And I have to admit; while I feel
that Flowstone is the best product made for me to make My own studio equipment; The fact that it does not write a vst3
means that even free projects cannot be shared in their .dll form legally.

That undoubtedly means that support and enthusiasm is going to dwindle; Unless I hear that staff are wanting to write VST3
support; I doubt that I will renew My license. But, this is the best software hands down to make Your own professional studio;
And You can quote Me on that. - Le Attol
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Re: Sliders and Knobs without Colour

Postby » Fri Nov 02, 2018 1:47 pm

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Re: Sliders and Knobs without Colour

Postby Halon » Fri Nov 02, 2018 4:46 pm

Thanks. Looks nice .
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Re: Sliders and Knobs without Colour

Postby » Mon Nov 05, 2018 3:11 pm

Hi, so during the weekend I'd made a much better version of this but I did not have the time this morning to finish it.
However, maybe this afternoon I can in time.

Here's an image of the changes; I added a preset changed and changing detection device so as to employ the 25hz limiter only when required. It reduces the amount of CPU utilized when automating.

My ultimate plan however; Is to make it so that You cannot manipulate a knob whilst it is being automated. This would suggest OOP detection; And I thought to that end I would check the preset "set" value against the value stored within the drag y/xy value.

That should be enough to decisively prompt a Boolean to disengage. I've noticed that this bug with automation is really the only GUI problem that all Flowstone .dll's suffer from. However, if I was to make it so that You could still move the knob during automation; I'd have to replace the way it summates the absolute value (with the inclusion of steps). Maybe I'll do that

Ultimately; I'll make three versions of this slider: Step, Slider (the initial version), and switch.
I thought it would be cool in the step version for the label to show exactly which setting is chosen.
Furthermore in the switch version You should be able just press once and it will go up wards to the top value or downwards.
But I think perhaps being able to touch the relevant unit would be good too:

|| Setting 1
|| Setting 2 <---- pressing on this value changes it to 2
|| Setting 3
== Setting 4
|| Setting 5
|| Setting 6
|| Setting 7

So, here's the slider version image demo:
progress so far.png

BTW Halon what gives about the wasp synth? I was going to help. Oh well :?
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